Which Fruity Personality Are You?

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Now, you’re here to read about which fruit are you closest to.

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Firstly, what's your favorite fruit?
Firstly, what's your favorite fruit?
Firstly, what's your favorite fruit?

Now, throw away your favorite fruit, because I’ll help you find your new favorite.

You probably know yourself better than anyone, so if you see any trait that resonates with you more than usual, open your eyes and have a look at your new soul fruit.

Are you bored of your earrings? Because I am.

It doesn’t matter if it’s shiny, small, or even sexy.

In the end, it’s really boring because it doesn’t entice me as much as it used to.

What’s new about it? Absolutely nothing, it’s not even a vanity piece, most wear it just so their ears don’t look so bored.

But it makes ME bored…

Cue the hottest trend across South East Asia that broke the fashion market a little, because really, how awesome can fashion get?

Today, we’re going to be using this as a point of reference. Why? Because it’s cute as heck, why else?

Why are these cute little earrings the most popular ones?

It’s simple.

It’s cute, it’s elegant, and it doesn’t make the world think you’re an idiot.

On the contrary, people now think you’re the coolest hipster in the room, and want your autographs.

Let’s start with the watermelon.

Are you a fiery soul that gets unknowingly overly-enthusiastic about everything? That sounds more like a fire-melon gal than a water one.

But you know what? Grab a comfy chair and calm the f down with a delicious slice of my water bby.

The water fruit is an amazing blend of chill and…. ok basically just chill. But it does it so well!

Imagine a watermelon shake along the beach while you’re suntanning.

Also, it’s a binder that helps all sorts of other drinks mix.

Pour all sorts of alcohol into a pail and dump a shitload of watermelon juice and you’ll have yourself a cocktail that’ll see you to the other side of the earth for the night.

It’s my favorite drink on a hot summer day, almost like a cure to hell.

Are you the sunshine to someone else’s life? Are you thicc, juicy, and pleasantly (not cornily) sweet?

Because then you should definitely open your eyes and look at this adorbz earrings.

Watermelon Earring
Just look at those juicy slices… mhmm yummy!

Next up, the fruit that’s so often misunderstood. 

Here’s a random fact you’ll never remember. Do you think the fruit or the color came first? 

The color Orange used to be called “yellow-red”. The fruit came first, so they started calling the color by the fruit. 

So, what conclusions can we make about the cute lil fruit?

You’re sweet AND you’re sour. 

But it’s not a bad kind of sour… it’s the kind that makes you salivate and want a little more. 

You’re a little hard to peel, but it’s always so worth it because there’s so much to be enjoyed. 

What’s more, the peels are absolutely delicious. It’s not a chore to get to the flesh, it’s part of the process, an adventure to get to know what you really taste like.

Sounds delicious? 

Orange Earring
peel me baby!

Baby, are you using your iPhone to read this right now?

You must be! I mean, statistically speaking…. you probably are.

Are you an apple fangirl though, because there must be a reason why they used THIS specific fruit for their trillion-dollar company…

The de facto standard, the no-brainer, no most sought after, are you? (Well of course you are)

Most even say once a day keeps the doctor away, but what I really want is for it to really go well with my wardrobe (Which it does!)

Beautiful and cute for any night out that’ll instantly win your lame hoopy earrings.

Girl, with this, you’ll become the apple of ANYBODY’s eyes. 

(okay now read the first word of each paragraph above)

Apple Earring
only the best deserve this :p

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

Not you, you’re the one daring enough to put two below her ears. 

And guess what? Fortune favors the bold, so rock on and continue to lead the fashion trends babe.

The spiky exterior is an understatement. The leaves are rough and prickly, the skin is tough and bloody thick, and the flesh of the fruit literally digests your tongue as you eat it… 

What other fruit will go such lengths to be a badass?

Are YOU a badass? 

Will you be the bad bitch that every girl needs in her life? 

Pineapple Earring
grrrr…. the fruit that’s badass

Okay, I have a soft spot for these.

They are my absolute favorite. 

Why? Just look at em’, they are SO aesthetic.

They don’t have the best taste in the world, but there’s something with striking a balance between the tinge of sour and the enormous amount of sweetness. 

And the color is always such a soft green, which you’ll think won’t match your outfit. 

But it does fit so well! 

If it’s black and white, it’ll contrast so perfectly. When it’s not a B&W outfit, it’s such a small detail that people will adore once they spot it! 

If you’re on the fence, buy this. Trust me, you won’t regret (I have a 30-day refund policy!)

Kiwi Earring
qtpies rly

Do you have any favorite fruit that’s not here? Comment below!

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