Ultimate Gift Guide 2019

2019 Gifts

The holidays are here and it’s about time to start worrying about stocking up on gifts for your friends, family, and relatives…

BUTTTT fret not! Because this gift guide is going to save you lots of time worrying about what to get for all your loved ones!

Spend your Christmas Eve in your cozy home with a cup of warm chocolate drink with a peace of mind when you’ve got all the gifts following our guide!

I’m saving your ass right now and you’re absolutely welcome!


Gifts for… the magpie

Shiny? Sparkly? Twinkling? If these words remind you of someone, this is the perfect gift for her – the Magpie.

GirlCrushOfficial Sexy Chain Chocker Sequin Dress
GirlCrushOfficial Sexy Chain Choker Sequin Dress

Never underdressed, the Magpie loves pieces with personality that makes everyone turn their heads to notice her.

She has an elegant taste and is all about fun, so this party season she’ll LOVE anything trending and shiny.

GirlCrushOfficial Big Candy Sequins Earrings
GirlCrushOfficial Big Candy Sequins Earrings

Sequins are the in trend right now and you’ve gotta get her these to strut the dance floor and dance the night away.

The Magpie never leaves home without her fill of shine and glow. Check out our sequins article!


Gifts for… the Gen Z

Teenagers are difficult to shop for. That’s a fact. Get uncommonly close to making them smile with GirlCrushOfficial’s teen-tested Gifting list, featuring Gen Z-pleasing picks of accessories, kicks and more. 

GirlCrushOfficial Girl Power Tshirt
GirlCrushOfficial Girl Power Tshirt

A young-ling heart is hard to read, Gen Z’s wanderlust is never satisfied. Her friends are bringing new items to show off to her every week and she wants to be even more popular and outstanding than her friends.

Make her wish come true with this set of clothes, bags, and accessories to achieve a GIRL CRUSH look. New year, new clothes, it’s an unspoken rule. 

GirlCrushOfficiGirlCrushOfficial Cat Eye Sunglassesal Cat Eye Sunglasses
GirlCrushOfficial Cat Eye Sunglasses

This cat-eye sunglasses are a no-brainer if you’re thinking twice about getting it for her btw. 


Gifts for… the fashionista

The fashion queen requires literally only the highest quality wear, even if it’s at the cost of comfort. Of course, the holy trifecta involves fashion, comfort, and it suits YOU. Don’t forget the accessories too babes! 

GirlCrushOfficial Halter Hollow Out Long Summer Dress
GirlCrushOfficial Halter Hollow Out Long Summer Dress

Up to the trend with the classic dresses. You’ll have more choices than you’ll need for the year.

The bags, maybe head towards a style that you like, ranging from crossbody to shoulder, with cute Korean fashion that broke the internet.

GirlCrushOfficial Blue Floral Kimono Cardigan

Gifts for… the beauty obsessive

O come all ye facial (and mani, Pedi, new lippy, beard oil, and beautifully long bath)! The Beauty Obsessive has got to look pretty and ready every single day, with the best and latest beauty kit of them all.

GirlCrushOfficial 360-degree Rotating Makeup Organizer
GirlCrushOfficial 360-Degree Rotating Makeup Organizer

She owns 20 red lipsticks, rows and rows of foundation, a large perfume collection and a bathroom cabinet full of nail polish, serums and masks. BUT the Beauty Obsessive will always be able to make space in her makeup bag for more!

GirlCrushOfficial Pastel Ombre Makeup Brush
GirlCrushOfficial Pastel Ombre Makeup Brush

Expand her beauty horizons with GirlCrushOfficial’s adorable Makeup Brush Sets. A girl can’t have enough brushes ya’know. From luxurious Marble Set to the Pastel Ombre Set, she’s bound to love them all! 


Gifts for… the fitness fanatic

Give good New Year intentions a sporting chance with top gifts for every kind of fitness fanatic – from cyclists, sprinters, and yogis to more. 

GirlCrushOfficial Hoodie And Pants Sport Outfit
GirlCrushOfficial Hoodie And Pants Sport Outfit

Climbing the tallest mountain, surfing the world’s strongest waves, trying aerial yoga… Whatever you suggest, fitness fanatic will always be game on and ready.

GirlCrushOfficial Dragon Satin Pants
GirlCrushOfficial Dragon Satin Pants

You’ll never which part of the world she’ll be at next week to challenge herself. But while she might be full of surprises, it’s best not to go off when it comes to picking her present. Stick with these yoga pants, colorful tracksuits or cute socks and you’ll be on the right track.


Gifts for… the homeboy

Very merry buys for a hermit crab who lives in her shell all day. 

GirlCrushOfficial Sailor Moon Cat Ear Hoodie
GirlCrushOfficial Sailor Moon Cat Ear Hoodie

Back to back night parties and dates out with every single friend? Definitely not for the homebody.

She loves her perfect little cozy home, an oasis for self-relaxation and a state of calmness.

GirlCrushOfficial Monogrammed Loose Long-Sleeved
GirlCrushOfficial Monogrammed Loose Long-Sleeved

Her house is just the way she wants it to be, neat tidy and scanty with a cedarwood candle.

This season, hoodies and cute anime shirts will be fighting for the top spot on her wishlist.


Gifts for… Everybody

All hail organized fun! The very merry plague of Secret Santa is almost suffocating you from picking the right gifts.

Why is it just so tough? Here’s how to navigate it without causing offense, whoever you’ve drawn!

GirlCrushOfficial Racer Bomber Jacket
GirlCrushOfficial Racer Bomber Jacket

The holidays are right around the corner, there’s a bunch of parties to attend with Secret Santa participation required.

You’ve haven’t quite gone around to actually buying presents and all of a sudden, you’re panicking over the long list of unknown items you’re supposed to prepare.

Don’t freak out: last-minute gifts AREN’T a let-down. The secret is to shop smart with our gift guide.

GirlCrushOfficial Pokemon Makeup Brushes
GirlCrushOfficial Pokemon Makeup Brushes

Go for those popular pieces you know your friends and family would love but would never treat themselves to, like a makeup brush or even just socks. Who doesn’t need cute socks!? 

You’re bound to put a smile on your Secret Santa’s face when they open the gift!


Shake it up this year with these great gifts! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year babe! 

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