Here’s how to Perfect your Pastel Fashion Game

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It may not be bold, invigorating nor exciting.

But in its own way, a pastel color palette can be a gorgeous, and it is definitely in trend now!

Think of the dusty pinks and faded blues in ads for popular products like the Adidas Pastel Rainbow colored pride, or just look at Kylie Jenner’s recent pink hair.

Soft gradients have seeped into recent web design, and fashion brands like Mansur Gavriel and Girl Crush Official have made pastels a staple of their aesthetic.

Look at my girl crush Kylie, she’s beautiful, and she’s super into the pastel theme. Gorgeous, I LOVE IT!

Think about it. The buildings in your town, there’s an abundance of it that’s in pastel now. Everybody knows a pastel background is a perfect backdrop for a cute photo.

All these crazy pastel colors and everything is sun-bleached. Even the sunset is pastel.

Think My Little Pony. Think Barbie. They all share the same theme of dreamy ol’ pastel. I adore those to death when I was younger. Truth be told, I still do!

It reminds me of sugary sweetness, the perfect dose that’ll cure me of the toxicity of reality.

The romantic colors do wonders, with the hopes of Prince Charming saving the day.

Periwinkle, Peach, Pastel Pink, Spearmint, Pale Yellow, Lilac, and Baby Blue. The gentlest colors that appeal most to me because they are outright gorgeous. 

But what’s pastel?

Colors with a lot of white added are termed pastel. In simple terms, you can just give the coloring a name beginning with ‘pale’ or ‘light’, for example, pale pink or light blue.

In short, I like to generalize pastel like this:

Pale family of colors
A lot of white added
Softer, subtle shades
Tinted, washed out, near neutral
Exact opposites to neon colors
Lightness and low saturation

When people say “pastel” they usually are thinking of a more limited palette including baby pink, mint green, mauve, coral and robin’s egg blue.

Pastel in nature

From delicate pastel floral buds on the pathways to blossoms on the trees, we are surrounded by palettes of pastel. Lilac tulips, dusty yellow daffodils.

And of course, let not forget all those young furry yellow chicks. The shades are fresh and warm, epitomizing the essence of new beginnings and life brought by the start of spring.

But who says that we are neglecting the long, dark winter season? Pastel hues that come in rich textures or have a sparkly touch feel suited for winter.

Whether you’re headed out to a holiday party or enjoying a date at a campfire, a pastel ensemble injects the perfect dose of pretty.

Cute Pastel in Winter

Christmas is comingggg

A whimsical Christmas is arriving in less than a month and so are those presents that Santa Claus is bringing, but the main focus here is on the continued interest in non-traditional Christmas colors including pinks and blues.

Gone are the usual gold, red and green, but now we see more creative uses of pastel. No one decorates their Christmas trees in the usual colors anymore, but you’ll see more of blush pink baubles and baby blue streamers.

Fancy a champagne with champagne colors for your Christmas? Remember to get your greeting cards and Christmas gifts in lighter, softer hues this year!

GirlCrushOfficial Pastel Colored Turtleneck Pullover
GirlCrushOfficial Pastel Colored Turtleneck Pullover

Some much-needed color

Pastels’ generally signal the idea of openness, softness, calmness, and composure.

We often relate romantic feelings to Pink and peach as it gives us the vibe of love and communication.

However, it definitely is different across different cultures. It’s safe to say that pastel is less intimidating and aggressive across cultures!

Goethe’s Farbelehre (1810) explains that people prefer pastels when they want to stay neutral and don’t want to express their opinion. His pupil, Rudolph Steiner, adds the idea that children until the age of three need to be surrounded by pastels to keep them calm. Pastels “feel” light, soft and peaceful.

Pantone’s Influence

Pantone selects the colors of the year based on what it sees as a trend that’s already formed. This is 2019’s trending colors, and they include none other than pastel pinks, oranges, and greens.

Also, your skin tone has a light effect on which colors you suit best.

The relationship is akin to hair and skin color. You’ll obviously want colors that flatter your complexion, or you’ll risk looking washed out or overpowered by the color you picked. 

Blue, green, and purple suit people with a warm complexion. But if you have a cool undertone, orange, pink or gold might be better for you.

GirlCrushOfficial Pink Lantern Sleeve Sweatshirt
GirlCrushOfficial Pink Lantern Sleeve Sweatshirt

History of Pastel

It was originally used as an art medium (think crayons) (duh). Derived from the Latin word “pastellus”, which means paste. The old people would make them using powdered pigments and something gooey, like gum. More often than not, they’ll add chalk or pipeclay to add white hues to the strong colors, which results in our beloved cute pastel colors. It has been said that Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) was one of the first artists who worked with this medium. Yes, Leonardo Da Vinci was the pioneer to cute insta shots. 

Great minds think alike, as pastels became the color of the 18th-century fashionistas. Queen of Versailles, Marie Antoinette, walked around in France with the same passion for pastels. No fashion era provides soft tones better than France in the early 18th century. Rococo was the term that was coined, due to it’s light, optimistic and happy style. 

There was a pastel revival in the ’80s, largely due to the decade’s most popular police show: Miami Vice. It has a whole pastel/vaporwave look to it which felt so so cool. The lead character James “Sonny” Crockett only ever wore pastel t-shirts and suits. During that time Miami was notorious because of its high grade of poverty and crime, but they manage to make the world look at Miami in a more positive light. 

Pastel Miami Vice

It’s back again, and I believe it’s the most prominent era thus far! It’s such an easy choice. Creating an App? Pastel will draw the crowd. Instagram feed? Pastel all the way.

We are so in love with pastel we don’t mind checking out multiple places that are a different theme of pastel! Call it what you will, but retro, vaporwave, and pastel are taking over the design aesthetic of the world because it looks and feels good. 


Guide to looking amazing effortlessly with Pastel colors!

  • Keep it simple!
    Never overdo the cuddly look. Imagine yourself decked from head to toe with pastel lace and decorations. You’ll look more like a figure at the top of a 7 layer cake for the birthday of a 8-year-old girl. It’s just not doable in real life! Chill out, and let pastel be the accent once in a while instead of the limelight. Pair them with black, white, or other neutral tones. It’s also smart to find clothes that emphasized more on design instead of color, so there’s a layer of depth to your outfit.

  • Neutral colors!
    They go together like milk in coffee. Beige and coffee shades will help you balance out the feminine nature of pastels. Also, they look gorgeous with gray and cream tones.

  • Pastel Color Blocking
    Generally, you’re able to mix pastel colors without many errors. It’s coined as color-blocking when you separate colors with a clean straight line. It’s a simple design, so don’t flair it up with insane cuts or details. Go wild on this one babe.

    GirlCrushOfficial Block Long Sleeve Tshirt
    GirlCrushOfficial Block Long Sleeve Tshirt
  • What’s the color of your hair and skin tone?
    Fair skin babes should usually go for coffee tones and richer shades, while dark-skinned girls look better in lighter, creamier tones. For blondes though, pastels are a no-brainer, it just looks good! If you’re a blonde, go crazy about it. Mix it up, and you’ll end up looking gorgeous and cute! For the redheads and brunettes, try having complementary designs or shades, so you won’t look too pale. Maybe a pair of cute sunglasses or a stylish bag will up your fashion game to the next level!

  • White & Black!
    White and black literally goes with anything, pastel included! Black has a very dominating, modern look, which helps with the soft colors. On the other hand, white has a multiplying effect on the gentle look you’ll exude, but at least there’s a sense of harmony between everything. This is the go-to look in summer, as you’ll look so carefree and light, plus it’s a cooling color as compared to black!

    GirlCrushOfficial Pink Paradise Tshirt
    GirlCrushOfficial Pink Paradise Tshirt
  • Brights Shades
    It’s the most playful look you’ll pull off in a long while! It’s energetic and fun! The bright shades lessen the sweetness of the pastel while showing people you dare to be fashionable. It’s always more a two-tone look, so think in the direction of Baby Pink + Hot Pink, with other neutral-colored accessories. Imagine an ice cream bowl with both marshmallow AND rainbow sprinkles! Aesthetic and yummy!

  • Monochromatic
    Imagine a single color for your entire outfit. In some cases, like a cute dress with simple shoes, it’ll make you look effortlessly stunning. Let your creative juices run wild while you try to decorate yourself with eye-catching accessories. As you only have a single shade, you have so much room to play around with textures, prints, and more!

  • Prints
    If you think only monochrome is the way to go with pastel shades, think again. Prints are usually a little mysterious with a dash of romance, especially when the print itself is pastel-colored! The floral pattern, however, sometimes make you a lil old fashioned so you gotta take note! Let modern minimalism pave the way and embrace the abstract patterns.

  • Nudes and Creams
    They are the most flexible tones, being able to match with any other shade. If paired correctly, it’ll look elegant and sophisticated, perfect for the office lady look.

  • Fall and Winter
    It’s usually associated with spring, but to hell with it. Think Timberlands’ Pink Boots that look amazing. Nothing is stopping you from wearing the cute pastel coat you saw at a local boutique either. It’s a free country for all who loves to be cute!

  • Accessories
    Pastel clothing is a big leap for some. It’s fine! We’ve all been there and we all love experimenting with what’s nice and what just doesn’t fit. You can start small, with small accessories. Maybe a cute pastel wallet will do you good, or a cute little earring will make you feel a tad more adventurous. Even just decorating your room with slightly more pastel items makes a world of difference, just look at these cute makeup brushes!

    GirlCrushOfficial Pastel Gradient Makeup Brushes
    GirlCrushOfficial Pastel Gradient Makeup Brushes
  • Shoes
    Neutral or bright shade is best to harmonize the whole outfit together or balance thing out depending on which shade you choose. The colors that are fail-proof are namely black, white, cream, beige, brown and gray!

  • Makeup
    Nothing too dramatic. Just flawless skin, nude lipsticks, and earthy eyeshadows, kinda like the “natural” makeup look. Other than that, just look cute!

  • In the Club
    Contrast is key when it’s dark! Bright accessories will give you attention to the club. The pastel should dominate, so neon colors are an option now! It’s the club, do what you want because nobody else cares!

So, what’s your favorite pastel color?

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