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Quiz: The Scorpio’s Fashion! Which style belongs to you?

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All Scorpios are into fashion, that’s for sure, but even within one single horoscope, there’s variations!  Let’s find out what kind of Scorpio are you, because seriously, it matters!  From the dark and mysterious personality, to intense red hues being your primary color. Not forgetting your Water element and Pluto handling the underworld.  Go read […]

Scorpio’s guide to Slayin’ it this fall

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The Scorpio: We’re free, energetic, and unafraid to be whatever we want! Scorpios don’t give a hoot about what others think of us. We leave strong impressions, wherever we go! Scorpios value discussions, and aren’t anxious about contention. We obviously dislike others who aren’t genuine. We are Scorpio! However, because of all those attributes, we […]