Sugar, spice and everything nice ✨
These were the ingredients chosen
To create the perfect little store.
So Girl❤️Crushes, what are you waiting for?
All things sparkly and all things nice.
Oh! Is that the item you’ve been looking for? ?
So grab it all and werk it girl ?
Cos you call the shots and we hope you want more! ?

About us featured photo

Yes, that’s me! My name is Glory, and what inspired me to start this shop started from my friends. We were always arguing which shops to buy from, because we all loved the same stuff, cute clothes and often pastel colors.

However, most shops always have different types of drawbacks. Maybe they don’t offer a great selection, or customer service is simply terrible. Thus, with support from my friends, I made Girl Crush Official! 

The name btw, can mean a few different things! You can dress up like your own girl crush, or you can aspire to be other people’s girl crush! It doesn’t matter, because in the end, what’s most important is you’re happy with how you look. 

I don’t have a big retail store, with a known label. In fact, it’s probably your first time looking at my page! But don’t worry, it doesn’t mean you will have a terrible experience from me! You might be asking yourself, why should I buy from this glory girl?

I strive to offer you a service that’s obviously great, and my friends will update our products every week depending on the trends! 

Obviously I have a million more things to learn about building an empire, but what it means for you, is that if you decide to start a relationship with me, I’ll give you personal attention, and make sure you’re happy from the start till the end!

I want to build a community and make friends along the way. Why? Because I believe there’s no better way to learn than this! I want to be part of the community I’ve build, so I can provide the cutest fashion to people who demands it.

I want shopping to be organic, fun, and natural! Not the robotic style of clicking “Checkout” and getting a robot email “Hi, how may I assist you today?” kind of shit. 

And all these is just for one reason. Starting this website and community is not natural for me. It’s uncomfortable. That’s why, I want to be comfortable doing it, and it made me realize, I want YOU to be comfortable with me. That’s why I was so determined to make this website as cozy as it is now. 

I am an aspiring entrepreneur, and I’ve put in months and months of effort into Girl Crush Official and I’ve big plans for myself, with no room for failure. Hopefully, it’ll get me some allowance to pay for my university fees! 

I hope you learn more about me from this page, because I understand how important is it to know more about who you’re buying from! I intentionally made this page without flairs like italics and emoji, so there is a sense of sobriety, hopefully that eases you! 

If however you’re still having any doubts whatsoever, feel free to email, or FB messenger me! I will reply asap, and you’ll have literally nothing to worry about. 

Tell me if you like or dislike anything about my website/this page! I’m still learning, and I love to be better than I was yesterday! 

Glory Y.