A Girl’s Guide to Detective Pikachu Pokemon Trailer

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The trailer to the new pokemon movie trailer is out, and it’s named Detective Pikachu! Maybe you don’t know everything about it, and that’s what this guide is about. Imma walk you through what that trailer means, while also explaining whatever limited knowledge I know, so you won’t have to be all clueless around your friends!

First off, I wanna explain that I’m no pokemon expert… so be gentle! I’ve played a few games and I know the basics and maybe more. But, I’m never the kind to linger an extra 500 hours on a gameboy game to breed the perfect eevee… so let’s get started babes!

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Who's your favourite starter Pokemon?
Who's your favourite starter Pokemon?
Who's your favourite starter Pokemon?

The start of the trailer says Ryme City, which is famous for it’s annual Pokemon Carnival… maybe it’s relevant to the main story but we wouldn’t know just yet.

They continue saying how it’s a harmony between humans and pokemon, and you also get a peek at one of the creepiest Psyduck in the world. Just look at it, wtf!

People at the back are wearing Squirtle hoodies so thats pretty cool, with a huge Jigglypuff at the back which is huge, pink, and SO CUTE!

Then we get a look at a real life Pikachu… and boy did they do a perfect job. There was probably no other way that could’ve been done to make pikachu look better while also being close to real life. Props to the people behind these animations.

Its being voiced by the actor of Deadpool, who is Ryan Reynolds. (who else thinks he’s ridiculously handsome?!)

People online have been saying that Danny Devito should’ve voiced Pikachu. I personally don’t know much about Danny Devito, other than him acting in It’s Always Sunny In Philedelphia. All I know is Ryan Reynolds is insanely cute, and he absolutely crushed it with his voice as they made it look both real and organic.

Look at how sad he gets when he says how lonely he’s been!! I’d hug him with all my force without hesitation…

On another note, all the Pokemons look creepily huge… For some reason, I had the impression they were way smaller.

In the original series of Pokemon, I somewhat remember Pikachu being a terribly stubborn Pokemon. Ash was the only one who was determined enough to sort of “bond” with Pikachu. I guess, they might be trying to do the same thing right now, with a tad lazier writing. By letting the main character, Justice Smith, be the only person that understands Pikachu, it makes them develop a special bond.

And look at the cutest frown imaginable here!!!

Detective Pikachu Frown

Then a few filler scenes, with a herd of Bulbasaurs hopping around the river, while the main character is holding Pikachu in his arms. Maybe he’s sick? Then a few angry Greninjas being mean, and a fire breathing Charizard.

Also, you see a Jigglypuff, a pokemon known best for singing tunes to make people sleep. She’s at a nightclub, very apparently just caught in the act of making someone sleep. But, she’s angry…. we don’t know why, but this has been the best mix of creepy AND cute at the same time! 

Personally, I feel Charizard is a main pokemon in the pokeworld, so I’m guessing he’s a main character too in the movie. (I’m a Chamandar kinda girl, what about you?)

The female lead, Kathryn Newton, is probably Misty, as she’s with a Psyduck on her back. Kinda weird, but ohwells, how can you make a duck pokemon cute irl? 

Now, I believe this is the most iconic scene in the trailer. 

Pikachu, is interrogating Mr. Mine with Justice Smith. They want information, and Mr. Mime ain’t having their shit. It’s remarkable how creepy Mr. Mime looks!!

He’s a mime artist so he literally doesn’t speak, but act his intentions out!

Look at the attention to detail. He literally has carbon fibre shoulder pads… It’s both creepy and disgusting, but it’s literally the same as the original cartoon, so I guess it’s accurate?

Overall, it’s a real awesome trailer because, how else will you incorporate the monsters into our world?

The fact that it’s “Detective Pikachu” trying to solve a crime, switches the focus from “wtf it’s pokemon irl?” to “WOW HE’S A DETECTIVE” so it’s REALLY smart on their end. 

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