11 Sexy Proven Ways to Flirt with him through text in 2019!

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Flirting is a science.

Rocket science? No way, it’s way more complex than that.

There’s a million thoughts behind a text, and even if you don’t bother to break down the thought process, the person receiving might! And you don’t want them to misunderstand.

Let’s work on how to get not just your message across, but with a certain degree of sass.

Remember, flirting is often easier said than done.

Plus, the way guys work… their heads are sometimes denser than rocks.

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How often do guys not get hints?
How often do guys not get hints?
How often do guys not get hints?

So always be conscious of what you’re saying, because it always matters! You don’t ever want to come off as dorky or cheesy, or just plain un-sexy!

What’s more, flirting through text is even harder. You might think it’s less scary than irl flirting, so how hard could it be? Think again!

Imagine you’re all cute and charming on text but you can’t bring it over to the real life when you meet him. What’s gunna happen!

Moreover, nobody can see your facial expressions, or even hear what kind of tone you’re using, so you really gotta leverage on all the emoji’s for that.

Thankfully, there ARE some good things to flirting on text.

Firstly, time is on your side, that’s why you’re reading this article now.

Will you go to battle without a weapon? Obviously not. So why would you try flirting without mastering the basics!

Lucky for you, I’ve got a million dollar lesson below for you, just keep reading!

Remember, time is usually on your side. You have all the time in the world to send the first text message.

However, once he replies, your timer starts.

The old days of “replying him in x2 of however long he took to reply” is OVER. I repeat, OVER.

Do not play the time waiting game, because it just doesn’t work anymore! It’s 2019 babes, nobody waits for texts anymore.

You’re good to brainstorm and think for your next reply, but don’t deliberately take too much time!

When you’re sending said texts, you need to be clear of your goal, and be focused. Don’t beat around the bush. You have to understand exactly what you want.

Do you want him to come over? Or you want him to ask you out? Do you want to be beside him?

Tell yourself clearly what you want. It makes your brain so much clearer to text!

Enough small talk, let’s go through the 11 amazing ways to flirt text, while breaking it down!

Hey, sexy ?

The brutally honest approach. Most of you wouldn’t dare to send this as your first ever text to a hot guy.

If you’re one of the brave ones, kudos to you!

Seriously though, any guy that receives this is gunna get feisty real quick.

It’s simple and directly complimenting him makes it a well deserving reverse on the stereotypes that only guys can compliment girls.

He’s going to obviously put you in the sexy zone after seeing this!

Personally, I dislike the capitalization of “Hey”, because it’s 2019 babe, are you writing a formal report?

A single emoji is good too, you don’t want to seem “overly-eager”

I just saw your new pic. Looking hotter than ever, I see. ?

Ah, the “aight, you cool.” vibe.

Once again, complimenting him is a surefire way to get his attention.

Most guys have heads thicker than concrete, and unless you’re hinting directly right at it, it bounces off once in a while.

“I just saw your new pic” is actually just the sophisticated way of saying “I was just stalking your profile”.

But damn, it does give a strong impression that simply says “I’ve noticed you” in the sea of social media. Great phrasing!

“I see” Also has a very haughty vibe, which is awesome because you’re complimenting him but you’re also not just licking his boot.

You want him to know he’s hot, but you know you’re probably hotter.

Most importantly, it leads to a conversation, and you’ve to make sure you next few texts shift in the direction you want it to!
Especially if it’s a date, you’ll wanna look 10/10 cute, and have you checked out our awesome kimonos? It’s both trendy and stylish!

GirlCrushOfficial Floral Kimono Cardigan
GirlCrushOfficial Floral Kimono Cardigan

I had a dream about you last night. I’d tell you what happened, but it’s way too inappropriate. ?

You suggested you were thinking about him all night, and the details weren’t good for public discussion.

That’s so sexy, because nothing gets a man riled up than inappropriate activities.

Also, this creates the impression of “breaking the inappropriate barrier” so to speak.

Every start of a friendship goes very formal, where you don’t show your weird or horny side. That’s natural! That’s normal, but what you REALLY want, is to enter the next phase.
The weird and free phase, where you’re free to send and say anything on your mind (think booty call).

Most importantly, it’s a test. You want to see him being eager, egging you on to tell him. With all the “Come on, tell me! It’ll be fine” etc. Then you’ll know he’s onto you.

If not, you gotta let that 

GirlCrushOfficial Mango

send me a cute selfie ?

Nothing is more innocent that proudly demanding a picture to ogle at.

However, just a note, do understand that if this is your first text to someone, there’s a 10% chance they’ll find you weird.
Try breaking the said barrier above first, THEN cutely demand selfies. 

Imagine the lengths he’ll go to, just to find his perfect angle and send you his chiseled jawline. 

It’s like a singular change to perform, and regardless of his performance, you’ll have a delicious meal. Mhmm, yummy!

If you wanna reciprocate, be sure to look AWESOMELY CUTE. Hats are a great way to accent your face without drawing away attention! Check this out!

GirlCrushOfficial Cute Cross Bow Berets
GirlCrushOfficial Cute Cross Bow Berets

I’m still single, in case you were wondering. ?

Telling him you’re single opens up a world of opportunities that would otherwise be missed. 

When you say “in case you were wondering”, it implies you’re telling him that you know he’s thinking of you.
While also being slightly modest to give him a little space, by including the possibility of the “in case”. 

It’s also good to follow up with things like what does this information entail, what you’re in for etc. 

If anything, the next line is a great follow up!

Do you have any plans for this weekend? Because I don’t. ?

This immediately lets him know what to do. I mean, unless he’s REALLY REALLY dumb, maybe he’ll recommend you some things to do.
Like playing some video games or whatever. 

But 99% of the time, it sets the tone to what you guys are going to do next. It’s the best, because both person are in power play mode. 

You can suggest going anywhere, to the movies or to dinner. 

What I’ll really recommend is for you to think. You don’t want the movie, because really? It’s 2019 and we all have Netflix. But it’s the first date so maybe not home yet…

What else? To dinner? It’s cool, you get to know him better, but I’ve got a better idea!

Try the beach. Picture this, drinking from a coconut in your best swimsuit, with him on your side, while chatting across a light sunset. 

GirlCrushOfficial Mermaid Sequin One Piece Swimsuit
GirlCrushOfficial Mermaid Sequin One Piece Swimsuit

Don’t picture what’ll happen that night, I don’t want you to get too excited hehe. 

We should really stop texting and start seeing each other in person. Preferably naked. ?

Ah, this is the fail-proof guide to a dense mfker’s mind.

If the above 2 lines did not manage to penetrate your target’s thick head, sometimes you need to whip out the final weapon. 

Also, you’re supposed to get naked from a something cute and simple. No old tees that has a million holes in them!

GirlCrushOfficial Heart Shape Button Blouse
GirlCrushOfficial Heart Shape Button Blouse

Be prepared to wait a while for the reply, because sometimes these messages really go over their head. 

The moment he sees “naked”, his mind goes blank. What were we talking about? Questions start slowly appearing for him. He starts to check the previous messages and realized everything. 

These handsome devils aren’t quite as bright as us, it’s a well known fact. 

Wanna hear a secret? ?

This is the sexual tension series. 

Sex is great and all, but what you really want is the tension that builds up over time. The feeling between being excited and nervous. 

Don’t say this out of the blue though, be sure to have an actual secret! And make darn sure it’s a dirty one.

What would you say if I asked you to come over? ?

Literally NOBODY asks a “what if” without clear intentions of actually asking it. Everybody knows it! 

But it’s playful, it’s innocent, it’s testing the waters. Maybe he’ll take a rain check because he’s legitimately busy, but set a date! 

If his answer is dirty, don’t be shy and just ask “what are you waiting for?”

If his answer is not dirty, maybe rephrase and seriously hint HARDER. Something like “what would you do if I was NAKED in front of YOU” (just kidding, try this with caution!)

How do I look? ?

Cue a really hot selfie of you wearing either a really cute top, or a smoking hot dress. I prefer the smoking hot dress, seriously, and luckily for you, I do have some. 

GirlCrushOfficial Silver Sequined Backless Blouse
GirlCrushOfficial Silver Sequined Backless Blouse

You can use this opportunity to gauge his response, while also showing off a little of your assets. 

And, you’re showing that you’re both confident and sexy. 

Plus points for guys who actually give thoughtful comments, like GOD that dress really accentuates your curves. 

I’m craving sushi. We should get some for dinner this week. ?

Exactly who doesn’t love sushi? It’s such a chill snack or meal. 

You can have it at nice places, or even just get a few packets and have a picnic along with a couple Snapples. While watching the sunset, of course, because once the sun sets… 

Remember to wear something more… revealing. Here’s an insanely attractive crop top! 

GirlCrushOfficial Cross V-neck Sexy Crop Top
GirlCrushOfficial Cross V-neck Sexy Crop Top

That’s it for the 11 sexy proven ways to flirt text a guy, and please, share the article, it’ll really help me out! 

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